The Update Burden Getting Too Much on Computer Users

Posted by cyber-geek | Posted in Opinions | Posted on 19-05-2011


We have already emphasized enough on the importance of updates for computers regularly, in our previous articles. However, in the past few months the number of updates have been growing oddly burdensome to the average user. The number has grown to such extent that keeping up with the updates is turning into a second job. The Patch Tuesday is no more significant as you may expect a critical… Continue reading

WINS bug patch for Windows Servers

Posted by cyber-geek | Posted in Be Informed on Cyber Security | Posted on 10-05-2011


On contrary to the gigantic updates on the previous Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has released only 2 critical updates this month – one of the lightest Patch Tuesdays in recent years.

What seems interesting here is the fix for Windows Internet Name Service, which allows the NETBIOS devices to communicate on the network. As per the bulletin MS11-035, the flaw in WINS (Windows Internet Name Service) enables… Continue reading