Security Vulnerability found in Google Chrome Running on Windows

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The most secure features of Google Chrome, including Sandbox, ASLR and DEP, were simply bypassed by VUPEN security researchers. The vulnerability is for the most latest version of Google Chrome (v11.0.696.65) for Windows.

The vulnerability is found to be impacting all Windows based computers running 32 bit as well as 64 bit OS. The vulnerability was exploited by just making the user visit a… Continue reading

Windows 7 Search – a Blunder of Microsoft

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The major factor that makes Microsoft win over Linux or Unix in OS wars, is its ease in usability. Windows has made operating computer an easy thing even for a non-techie. The reason why we still bear the vulnerabilities in Windows and Microsoft’s overwhelming patches without complaining, is definitely that you cannot get an alternative for an easily operatable OS as Windows.

However, after Windows XP… Continue reading

How Safe is Adobe Reader X for Windows?

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Vulnerabilities in commonly used and popular software applications were being exploited by the hackers to contaminate the PCs. Adobe PDF Reader was one of the most commonly exploited software.

Adobe Reader 9 was known for its vulnerabilities in the year 2010, which kept evolving despite the number of security patches released by Adobe. In order to check it, Adobe Reader X was released with security enhancements… Continue reading