Microsoft to Fix Autorun Issue for Windows XP

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The windows autorun feature has been a cake for the malware and botnet creators, based on which they designed many attacks. Being a main aid to trojans and viruse like Conficker, Taterf, Rimecud, Autorun, etc, the autorun was more seen to be as a vulnerability than a feature.

PCs using Windows XP were the most exploited ones due to the autorun feature. According to Microsoft, Windows… Continue reading

How to Disable Autorun Feature in Windows PC

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Your network might seem well protected with all the security measures you have taken from direct attacks. But a whopping 25 percent of malware today is developed to spread through USB devices. Infection through USB drives spreads undetectable into the network and makes it harder to deal with later.

The autorun feature in Windows will simply make the operating system execute anything it is told to execute by an… Continue reading

Securing Your PCs from Notorious USB Drives

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No amount of precautions and security measures for a network will equal the vulnerability created by a small USB device. You can see all the pain you have taken to make your network secure, crumble in a matter of seconds, due to an issue caused by a USB drive. USB drives are small, handy and convenient but one can’t imagine how notorious they are.

Few instances here will tell… Continue reading