Top Targets of Phishing Websites – 2010

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Spoofed websites have become even more extensive than in previous years. The most common name spoofed by phishers is Paypal, acording to a recent report released by OpenDns. The most common spoofed brands belonged to the online and social games category.

The following are the most common targets of spoofing websites for 2010: Continue reading

Beware of Spoofed Websites Online

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Website spoofing is one of the deceptive snare used by cyber criminals for phishing. Internet is still a highly vulnerable place for transactions. Cyber-criminals keep finding different ways to exploit a user online. The only way to survive them is through conventional awareness and credible preventive measures.

What are Spoofed Websites?
A spoofed website is usually a replica of a legitimate website. Almost all the features… Continue reading