Emerging Malware Trends: Ransomware

Posted by cyber-geek | Posted in Cyber Awareness | Posted on 06-05-2011


The mutation of malware is happening very rapidly where new types of techniques are evolving to raise money for hackers. Ransomware is a mutation of scareware, where the hacker hijacks a PC by encrypting all its files and demands ransom to unlock or decrypt the files. The infected PC may not send spam mails or track sensitive information for its creator. It is worse than that.… Continue reading

Emerging Malware Trends: Smartphone Malware

Posted by cyber-geek | Posted in Cyber Awareness | Posted on 22-03-2011


Ever since the mobile phones have included web browsing technologies, they were a major hit among users. The latest smartphones have even put mobile users a step ahead with exclusive features like online shopping, downloading, video streaming, social networking, mobile applications, email, and even document editing and sharing.

Recently, a report (by Conductor) said that smartphone ownership increased roughly 58% during the year 2010… Continue reading