Email Spam Volumes Fall to Lowest Level in Two Years: Symantec

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A recent report from Symantec declared that spam volumes in January 2011 fell to the lowest levels, since March 2009. The spam volumes seemed to drop dramatically since 25th December of 2010 and continued its phase in January. The only time that spam volumes dropped by such a remarkable extent was after the closure of McColo, a California-based ISP in 2008, for being implicated in criminal and botnet… Continue reading

Email Spoofing – Commonly faced problem online

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The trend of internet exploitation has moved away from viruses and trojans. Hackers are no more interested in just deploying these small infectious agents in others PCs unless there is any economic benefit in doing it. Getting access to the computers using technologies like malware, spambots, etc has become widely prevalent today.

Getting access to the computer of a well settled person is like getting access… Continue reading

Impact of Junk Emails on Corporates

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Unsolicited email was first considered a bit of joke earning the jocular name of spam. However, as the spam volumes rose to epidemic proportions what was a minor crisis in the life of an IT professional soon snowballed into a major crisis. Factual figures estimate that spam amounts to nearly 95 percent of all emails. According to Jupiter Research reports, the active email consumer received a shocking 3253… Continue reading

Yet Another Email Scam – Beware

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As we are aware of the recent issue with a few thousands of emails, lets see how some of these scammers have used the emails they hacked into.

The following email was sent to a small business support’s email id for financial gain from – an email id belonging to their client.

“I’m sorry for this odd request because it might

Keeping Your Email Account Safe

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Email users can help reduce the spam outflows in the Internet. When a user signs up for something online, he should be careful while checking checkboxes and must not check checkboxes for additional offers. Else, he will receive email from partners of the site he signed up at. It is advisable to use freebie accounts to fight spam. Create a few freebie accounts, direct them to your main… Continue reading

Beware of eMail from US VISA Lottery

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An email pretending to offer even to pay the flight ticket to US along with VISA and accomodation, is very rare to find. The new VISA lottery scam email interestingly has all these features. This scam email offers you a single visa for about 980 USD and a family visa for 1520 USD. A flight ticket along with accommodation in US! Very