Is Your Genuine Antivirus Protecting Your Computer from All Online Threats?

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A person may be using a genuine operating system, applications and of course a world class antivirus software – all of them purchased for few thousands of rupees or hundreds of dollars and nothing for free. But still he is not 100% safe in the wild west of Internet today. Because it is not just virus, trojan or any such malware – it is social engineering.… Continue reading

Trends in Identity Theft – 2010

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More than 8.1 million adults in U.S. fell victim to the ID theft for the year 2010. Though the number of identity theft instances decreased, the amount lost by the victims rose significantly, as per the 2011 Identity Fraud Theft Report from Javelin Strategy & Research.

New types of consumer frauds have evolved into the market incurring more losses to the victims. The average amount lost… Continue reading

How to Secure Your PC from Being a Part of Botnet

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The recent Mariposa scam which revealed the compromising of 12.7 million computers shows the extent and severity of botnet problem. Mariposa is only one of them; there are many more such botnets like conficker, kraken, srizbi, Zeus, Zdbot, etc which have compromised millions of computers that are connected to internet today. And these in turn are actively trying to infect more and more computers every day. An… Continue reading

Why Internet is Wild West Today?

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Today almost every user browsing Internet is at risk. The increase in threats related to social networking sites, banking security, botnets, and attacks targeting users, businesses, and even applications made Internet a risky landscape. Many industry consultants and analysts refer Internet as ‘Wild West’ because of its huge insecurity, where nobody or no website can be trusted. Every year, cyber crime costs billions of dollars to repair systems… Continue reading

Malware Lurks Within Pirated Versions of Popular Movie Downloads

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Now-a-days cyber criminals are using popular events, current developments and even movie premieres to attract people who seek free or pirated content and exploiting.

A recent online scam which promises viewers to download the recent “Twilight – New Moon” movie is found to install malware in PCs.

The entire process of this scam is as follows…

  • Viewers are lured

All You Need to Know About Scareware

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As Scareware threats are on rise, millions of Internet users are falling prey to the Scareware scams.

Scareware adopts bogus sales tactics that are designed to scare a user into believing that his or her computer contains critical errors or viruses that have to be fixed immediately. Scareware ads offer an instant solution to the so-called problems on the computer and come for a price. In… Continue reading

Yet Another Email Scam – Beware

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As we are aware of the recent issue with a few thousands of emails, lets see how some of these scammers have used the emails they hacked into.

The following email was sent to a small business support’s email id for financial gain from – an email id belonging to their client.

“I’m sorry for this odd request because it might

Cybercrime with Indian Call centers

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India, as the world leader of BPO – has a negative distinction too. According to a recent report from Brighton University, call centre cybercrime is becoming popular here.

This report focuses exclusively on financial cybercrime, specifically credit card fraud and identity theft. Financial cybercrime has increased dramatically in recent years and

SMBs in India Becoming More Concerned About IT Security

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There are many Small and Medium businesses in India that operate on critical information from their clients in outside countries as a part of outsourcing. The main reason is of course the availability of highly proficient people at lower wages.

However SMBs are the most vulnerable segment in terms of data security. Data explosion, electronic threats and