The Update Burden Getting Too Much on Computer Users

Posted by cyber-geek | Posted in Opinions | Posted on 19-05-2011


We have already emphasized enough on the importance of updates for computers regularly, in our previous articles. However, in the past few months the number of updates have been growing oddly burdensome to the average user. The number has grown to such extent that keeping up with the updates is turning into a second job. The Patch Tuesday is no more significant as you may expect a critical… Continue reading

Why Should We Run Windows Updates Regularly?

Posted by cyber-geek | Posted in Computer Maintenance | Posted on 27-11-2009


win-updateSecurity updates are delivered on the second Tuesday of each month, which is called “Patch Tuesday”, but security updates can be delivered whenever a software update is required to prevent an exploit targeting Windows users. Windows Update can be configured to install updates automatically, to ensure that a computer is always up-to-date and not vulnerable to computer worms… Continue reading

How safe are you browsing with Firefox?

Posted by cyber-geek | Posted in Cyber tips, Secure Downloading | Posted on 16-10-2009


Mozilla Firefox is a popular browser used by millions of Internet users all around the world. The coolest feature of Mozilla Firefox is its compatibility to add more and more plugins and enable yourself with advanced browsing.

However, we need to update our plugins as soon as a new version is available. Updates of these plugins will not only cover new features of the plugin, but… Continue reading

Should I Migrate to Windows 7?

Posted by cyber-geek | Posted in Computer Maintenance | Posted on 11-09-2009


Windows 7 OS is scheduled to be available to the public market in just over a month. There are many doubts and apprehensions about the capability of this OS as its earlier version Vista is a failure. It seems Microsoft has given enough weight this time to what the Windows users really wanted – a simpler and friendly OS. Windows 7 has