How Safe is Adobe Reader X for Windows?

Posted by cyber-geek | Posted in Cyber Awareness | Posted on 05-01-2011


Vulnerabilities in commonly used and popular software applications were being exploited by the hackers to contaminate the PCs. Adobe PDF Reader was one of the most commonly exploited software.

Adobe Reader 9 was known for its vulnerabilities in the year 2010, which kept evolving despite the number of security patches released by Adobe. In order to check it, Adobe Reader X was released with security enhancements… Continue reading

Importance of Updating Adobe Flash Player

Posted by cyber-geek | Posted in Computer Maintenance | Posted on 22-10-2010


Flash has enabled the addition of animation, interactivity and video to web pages. According to a report, Flash as a format is used in around 95% of the PCs worldwide. Adobe Flash Player is very popular among the flash players with Adobe claiming that around 99.3% of the US web users having installed it in their web browsers. However… Continue reading