The Complete Guide to Hosting a Site on the Deep Web for windows pc easy 2022

Introduction: What is the deep web and tor project and hosting a Site on the Deep Web 

Hosting a Site on the Deep Web


Tor stands for “the onion router” The deep web is a subset of the internet and surface web to access the dark web and tor network it can only be done with specific software that is tor client. The deep web consists of databases, criminal activities and some leaked credit card details of people, websites, and other deep web content that is not indexed by search engines and is available for tor users only. many illegal drug , social media forums

People who want to conceal their identities or avoid censorship or surveillance frequently turn to the deep web for assistance. It comprises internet marketplaces for narcotics, guns, and counterfeit items, as well as illegal forums on topics such as hacking and child pornography, among other things.

how to host a site on the deep website| where is dark web hosted

To begin, download and install the Tor browser and XAMPP on your computer. Start the XAMPP server after they have all been installed, and then the Apache and MySQL servers that are running on it. After that, launch the Tor browser and select “connect automatically,” after which you must wait for it to connect. Now, open the TorBrowser folder and navigate to the following location.

“C:/Users/your_user/path_to_folder_/Tor Browser/Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor”

Almost everything is completed; all that remains is for us to inform TOR about our server, after which it will supply us with our URL. It is necessary to create a folder called “hidden _services” before we can proceed. This folder will be used by TOR to provide you with the URL of your website.

Now, in the same directory, you’ll see a Tor folder; check for a file titled torrc in it. Make a copy of it and paste the following lines into it using any text editor tool.

HiddenServiceDir C:/Users/your_user/path_to_folder_/Tor Browser/Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor/hidden_services

HiddenServicePort 80

It’s important that you use the username and folder name that you just generated on your desktop in lieu of your current username and your computer’s folder name in the preceding two lines (see example below). In the example below, replace the word your port with the port number obtained from Xampp (generally port 80).

After that, you must save the file and then use the TOR browser in order for TOR to produce a URL and Private Key for your website. Hold the button down for 5-6 seconds, and then click to quit the Tor browser.

After that, navigate to the “hidden_services” folder that you established, where you will notice two files named Hostname and private key, which you can delete. The private key variable is only present for identifying purposes and does not need to be changed.

By opening the file Hostname in any text editor, you’ll be able to see the URL of your website, which has the TLD .onion as a URL for me


The “hidden_services” folder that you have established should not be deleted. Running an anonymous website is a difficult task, and if you indulge in any unlawful conduct, the authorities may take action against you and shut down your operation. To make your web pages, copy the files into the “htdocs” folder in xampp so that they may be indexed by the onion service.

What are Some of the Benefits of Hosting a Site on Deep Web?

benefits of hosting a website on dark web browser, tor hosting vs virtual private server:-

The benefits of hosting your site on the deep web are:

-free and secure





-No censorship:

-No downtime:

-No third party interference.

Which Sites are Most Popular Amongst Users Who Choose to Host their Site on Deep Web?

 onion sites list, deep web sites list, onion websites list:

The Deep Web is a term used to describe the portion of the Internet that is inaccessible by traditional web browsers, such as those used by desktop computers. The deep web is comprised of websites that are not indexed by search engines and are not connected to by other websites.

The deep web is used for various purposes such as hiding personal data, storing sensitive information, and conducting illegal activities such as drug dealing or gambling.

Hundreds and thousands of deep web sites are available on the internet, but which ones are the most popular among users who choose to host their website on the deep web and why?

The most popular sites include: JotForm (a free form builder), Tor (anonymity network), and DuckDuckGo (a search engine).

Conclusion: Should You be Using Tor for Your Website or as an Alternative if it Gets Shut Down by Law Enforcement?Is it illegal to have websites on the dark web?

Tor is a free and open-source network that allows you to browse the internet in complete anonymity. Originally, it was intended for use in military and police enforcement purposes.

Tor is a fantastic alternative to a VPN because it can be used on any device and does not require any additional software to be installed. Furthermore, Tor offers a wide range of applications, including hiding your identity from advertising, preventing content from being prohibited by your country’s government, and gaining access to the deep web.

For more than two decades, Tor has been in operation, and it is still in business today. In reality, it has gained in popularity in recent years as a result of its ability to assist people in maintaining their anonymity when accessing the internet on their computers.


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