Reasons why cyber security is important 2022

Reasons why cyber security is important

Introduction: What is Cyber Security & What are the Risks? and Reasons why cyber security is important 2022

Cyber security refers to the process of protecting digital information and data from theft and destruction. It involves identifying and removing vulnerabilities, threats, or hazards.

Cyber security threats are on the rise worldwide. An average person is more likely to fall victim to a cyber attack than he is to be targeted in any other type of crime. Cyber criminals are operating at global level with complete anonymity.

A Brief History of Cyber Attacks that have Affected People’s Lives

A Brief History of Cyber Attacks that have Affected People’s Lives

Every day there are new stories of hacking, theft, or spamming. The top 2 cyber attacks in history are listed below.

There is a long history of hacking and cyberattacks. The first recorded case was in 1972 when the first large-scale hack happened at the University of California, Berkeley. The hackers stole information about the university’s computer system and nearly crashed the whole system by leaving a security hole open for other hackers to exploit.

At number two on this list is one of the most famous hacks in history, the 2014 Target breach. This particular event exposed 40 million customers’ credit card information which lead to Target losing over billions in shares.

Reasons why cyber security is important

1 Could Save You Money

Recent studies show that many businesses in the US lose huge sums of money due to cyberattacks. At the moment, cyberattacks cost $13 million each year. The cost might go up if companies refuse to do the right thing. The criminals know the right places to target. Unless you put up the best security, you will lose a great deal of money.

Another research indicates that there is an alarming increase in information breaches. These include health records, financial information, personal data, and trade secrets. You should consider paying a small amount of money to ensure that you don’t lose too much in case of an attack.

2 Protects Cloud Storage

There are important details that unauthorized persons should never access. They include passwords and bank details. Today, the cloud act as the storage of such information. However, this might also increase the chances of theft.

As social media keeps growing, identity theft becomes more prevalent. Cybercriminals attack any kind of business irrespective of size. Cybercrime happens to privates businesses, and government organizations.

The criminals have come with better ways to get what they are looking for, even if it is stored in the cloud. To stop criminals from stealing important information, you need to embrace cybersecurity. You must do that even if you feel cloud storage is safe.

3 There are different types of cyber attacks

Cyberattacks can happen in so many ways. You are never sure when they are going to attack. As such, you need to devise ways of ensuring that your information is always safe. The attacks include phishing, malware, drive-by-attacks, and man-in-the-middle. You can imagine how malicious those attacks can be in case criminals execute them successfully.

There is also another form of attack known as crypto-jacking, which is quite an aggressive one. Criminals can use this form of attack to compromise your device and use it to steal resources. Crypto-jacking is used to steal digital currencies such as Bitcoin. If they can access your computer, then they can easily use your computer to do a lot of bad things. The good thing is that you can use cybersecurity to keep your computer safe.

4 Enables Credibility

Cyberattacks can make things like websites inaccessible. Even if you manage to access websites, you won’t be able to do much with them. When such things happen, they can lead to bad reputations, which might take a lot of time and effort to undo. You need cybersecurity to protect your platform from the risks.

You can also use cybersecurity to protect your customers from possible attacks. Also, computer viruses can spread. If your system is not protected, the risk of spreading viruses to other computers is high. You can imagine the damage that criminals can do when the virus is fast spread.

5 Tech Users are Vulnerable

Today, everyone is a tech user in one way or another. As technology keeps improving, individuals keep using devices and access platforms without knowing the possible risk. Cloud computing might be good, but increases the number of connected devices. If hackers access one device, they will be able to attack all the other devices in the same network.

Do you use cloud computing to run your business or undertake important activities? Then you need to embrace cybersecurity by all means. It is reported that through cloud computing, at least 21.1 billion devices across the globe will be in a single network. That is a huge opportunity for smart hackers. But you can stop them with the help of robust maritime cybersecurity solutions.

Cyber Attack Prevention Tips for You and Your Business

Hacking, data breach prevention, and data breaches are all trending topics. You can use this section to give tips or list popular hacking cases in 2018.

1) Install antivirus software on your computer and make sure it is up to date.

2) Never open suspicious emails or attachments from unknown email addresses, even if they seem innocent.

3) Don’t share sensitive information through email or chat apps like WhatsApp unless you are using end-to-end encryption (e.g., HTTPS).

Conclusion: The Importance of Cyber Security to Society

I conclude this paper with an explanation of how cyber security is important to society. Corporations are relying more and more on the internet to conduct business, which makes them more vulnerable to cybercrime. The government needs to increase its efforts in stopping cyberattacks because all of society relies on the internet now. You will notice that many people report cases of identity theft. It is a common thing on social media. Those are some forms of cyberattacks that you need to be aware of. Criminals use identity theft to do malicious things. That way, they might leave you in trouble if you don’t do your due diligence. Today, you don’t have to be a business owner to enjoy cybersecurity.

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