Emerging Malware Trends: Smartphone Malware

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Ever since the mobile phones have included web browsing technologies, they were a major hit among users. The latest smartphones have even put mobile users a step ahead with exclusive features like online shopping, downloading, video streaming, social networking, mobile applications, email, and even document editing and sharing.

Recently, a report (by Conductor) said that smartphone ownership increased roughly 58% during the year 2010… Continue reading

Added IE9 Features and What They Mean for Users?

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IE9 got released on 14 Mar’ 2011 at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. Microsoft announces that IE9 as not only fastest, most standards-compliant version of IE yet, but also as one that can stand up and compete on features and looks with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and the Opera browser. Few interesting features of IE9 stands as follows:

Web Chicanery followed by Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster

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Immediately after the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, experts noticed many Internet fraudsters exploiting the situation through black hat SEO techniques.

The experts said that the criminals immediately started customizing their malicious websites, including keywords related to tsunami and earthquake, to get on top of the search results using black hat seo methods. It has been found out that they were trying to deploy malware… Continue reading

Linux Routers Targeted by Tsunami Malware

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Ever thought Linux is invulnerable and robust against malware attacks? then its time to rethink. Security researchers at TrendMicro found malware that can exploit routers based on Linux and Unix platforms. The malware, though was said to be predominantly found in Latin America, has possibilities of spreading to other regions.

Potential of the threat
As per the source: the malware code, found to be ELF_TSUNAMI.R, has… Continue reading

Latest Versions of Chrome and Firefox Released

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Google had released latest version for Chrome (9.0.597.107) fixing around 19 bugs on Monday. And within no time Mozilla has also come up with latest version of Firefox (3.6.14).

Interestingly, these were released just before the Pwn2Own hacking contest (to be starting on March 9th). Even in 2010, Google released version, days before the contest. Apple also had released updates for Safari in 2010 in… Continue reading