How to Secure Your PC from Being a Part of Botnet

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The recent Mariposa scam which revealed the compromising of 12.7 million computers shows the extent and severity of botnet problem. Mariposa is only one of them; there are many more such botnets like conficker, kraken, srizbi, Zeus, Zdbot, etc which have compromised millions of computers that are connected to internet today. And these in turn are actively trying to infect more and more computers every day. An… Continue reading

Ideal NTFS Formatting in Windows

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The advanced features of NTFS (New Technology File System) like recoverability in the event of a system failure, file compression, security controls for files, EFS (Encryption File System), Disk Space Quota management, etc., has made it preferable over FAT file system. Unless in situations like using multiple-boot configuration – NTFS is an ideal file system to use for your hard drive.

Before Formatting an NTFS volume

Hackers who created botnet with 12.7 million computers busted

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Spanish police working with the FBI and other police forces have arrested three suspects for running world’s biggest computer hacking scam through a bots network called Mariposa.

This is a crucial win for security experts over hackers and a relief to millions of people who use internet everyday. The network of mariposa botnet is spread around 190 countries infecting over 12.7 million computers. These included computers… Continue reading