SMBs in India Becoming More Concerned About IT Security

Posted by cyber-geek | Posted in Cyber Awareness | Posted on August 27, 2009

There are many Small and Medium businesses in India that operate on critical information from their clients in outside countries as a part of outsourcing. The main reason is of course the availability of highly proficient people at lower wages.

However SMBs are the most vulnerable segment in terms of data security. Data explosion, electronic threats and increased usage of web-based solutions are some of the important factors that increase the risks of SMBs being vulnerable in data security.

This is not confined to just India but is spread across even all the major economic countries. In fact, U.S is the most targeted country in terms of phishing attacks. A recent report from Brighton University says that US gets a significant 53% of total world’s phishing attacks followed by UK, Italy, Spain and Canada.

However, being the world leader of BPO I agree that it is not feasible for India to succumb to phishing attacks and be vulnerable in data security. A recent study from AMI partners Inc., SMBs in India are realizing that data security is not just adopting security solutions but that formulating structured policies is also a critical factor.

The report says that Small and medium businesses (SMBs, or companies with up to 999 employees) in India are on track to spend US$291 million on security-related investments in 2009. Security software accounts for three fourths of the total SMB security expenditure. Managed security services (MSS) is one of the key trends in the SMB security space, which is expected to grow at approximately 21% this year.


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