Cybercrime with Indian Call centers

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India, as the world leader of BPO – has a negative distinction too. According to a recent report from Brighton University, call centre cybercrime is becoming popular here.

This report focuses exclusively on financial cybercrime, specifically credit card fraud and identity theft. Financial cybercrime has increased dramatically in recent years and looks set to increase further as the proliferation of communications technology proceeds apace and reaches regions of the world with many underemployed poor people with information technology skills who can take advantage of cybercrime opportunities.

India stands in 14th place among world hosting phishing websites for 2008. Though the cybercriminal activity in India is very low compared to many other major and emerging economies, the report says that there has been a leap in cybercrime in past few years.

According to the report, “The country’s top ten BPO firms hire up to 25,000 new employees per year, and financial services are one of the fastest growing segments. However, low salaries and fast turnover in the industry might provide an incentive to make extra money through cybercrime.”

However, SMBs in India are turning towards adoption of efficient security measures to check the issue of data security. According to a report from AMI Partners Inc, Indian Small and medium businesses (SMBs, or companies with up to 999 employees) are realizing that data security is not just adopting security solutions but that formulating structured policies is also a critical factor. SMBs in India are on track to spend US$291 million on security-related investments in 2009.

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