Beware of eMail from US VISA Lottery

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An email pretending to offer even to pay the flight ticket to US along with VISA and accomodation, is very rare to find. The new VISA lottery scam email interestingly has all these features. This scam email offers you a single visa for about 980 USD and a family visa for 1520 USD. A flight ticket along with accommodation in US! Very enticing, isn’t it?

But, “We advise everybody not to fall for such things because you will be very disappointed,”says Sorin Mustaca of Avira.

According to what he wrote in Avira’s blog

“And now, as usual, comes the funny part, as in any scam attempt we’ve seen.

  • Despite the fact that it is mentioned in the picture the “Asia-Pacific agent” for the VISA processing, the contact email addresses are in … Europe. They belong to a free web mail system in the Czech Republic.
  • The text is very hard to read because it is full of grammatical mistakes and sentences which don’t make too much sense.”

The image of this scam email is attached below.

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Courtesy: Avira Blog.

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Have received exactly the same email from the above individual. Just scambaiting them now to see how far this is going to go before I am asked to fork out a couple of hundred dollars. Also the supposed telephone numbers do not exist. Let’s give them some of their own medicine though. Busy tracing the ip addresses at the moment. Anyone want to help bring these guys down?


Please update us on the developments…


Sorin Mustaca is actually a “he” and not a “she” ;)

Best regards,


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