New Malicious Web Links Increase By 508%: says IBM

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IBM’s X-Force 2009 Mid-Year Trend and Risk Report says that there has been a tremendous increase of 508% in malicious web links over Internet during first half of 2009. The malicious content was found even on trusted sites, including search engines, blogs, bulletin boards, personal websites, online magazines and mainstream news sites.

Beware of eMail from US VISA Lottery

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An email pretending to offer even to pay the flight ticket to US along with VISA and accomodation, is very rare to find. The new VISA lottery scam email interestingly has all these features. This scam email offers you a single visa for about 980 USD and a family visa for 1520 USD. A flight ticket along with accommodation in US! Very

Safety measures to buy a Product Online Securely

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The main advantage of online shopping is its convenience where anybody can search and buy a product at a click of their mouse of their PC.

However, online shopping has some concerns and risks associated with it. A lot of these risks are basically people dependent and can be prevented by being a little vigilant

Cybercrime with Indian Call centers

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India, as the world leader of BPO – has a negative distinction too. According to a recent report from Brighton University, call centre cybercrime is becoming popular here.

This report focuses exclusively on financial cybercrime, specifically credit card fraud and identity theft. Financial cybercrime has increased dramatically in recent years and

SMBs in India Becoming More Concerned About IT Security

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There are many Small and Medium businesses in India that operate on critical information from their clients in outside countries as a part of outsourcing. The main reason is of course the availability of highly proficient people at lower wages.

However SMBs are the most vulnerable segment in terms of data security. Data explosion, electronic threats and